For most business owners, keeping company files safe is obviously important. We expect managing files do not have to be difficult. We want to access them easily with a seamless experience. As technology has matured, more and more businesses started leveraging the benefits of cloud storage. Contrary to file servers, the cloud allows access to files from any device, facilitates collaboration anywhere, help save storage and strengthen control over company files. All this without the maintenance cost and administrative hassle of traditional file servers.


Why should you consider File Server On-The-Go?

  1. NO hardware maintanance cost
  2. SAVE your manpower
  3. GUARANTEED uptime 99.9%
  4. ACCESS files anywhere and anytime from mobile or PCs
  5. WORK SMARTER and efficiently
  6. Work flow approval direct pull from file server


The time has come when you need to refresh your file server, whether the need to buy a new file server, add storage, manage backup or do some upgrades. You will always need to dedicate high resources for the regular maintenance of the file server. Now, the question is, are file servers holding users back all this time? With this file server on-the-go, it ensures the availability and integrity of your files without any of these burdens and at a fraction of the total cost of a new on-premise file server.


For IT personnel in a company, we know nobody likes file servers. They are often in a state of chaos and access files from handphone is nearly impossible. Virtual private networks (VPNs) only work well on PCs and even then, we find users crossing their fingers every time they go to connect. Other than that, file servers require ton of power and sometimes effected by connectivity issues in your building.This file server on-the-go, it’s designed to take their place and out-do them, providing your team with an entire never before experience arsenal of tools that simplify collaboration, secure sharing, and keeps the ball rolling.


Circling back around to the initial question, the answer should now be clear. This is not only effectively replace file servers, but it’s a far better option, especially for any organization looking to get the most out of their data. However, many companies still have security concerns when it comes to moving data to the cloud. Based on the public security whitepaper, behind the scenes is a secure, sophisticated infrastructure built to protect and ensure confidentiality of your data whilst it is being transferred, stored and processed. It provides the control and visibility features that IT admins need. And with the help of Fedelis, you’ll quickly come to wonder why this file server on-the-go didn’t replace your file servers sooner.



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