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Enhancing your work using e-Signatures

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many are forced to work from home. This poses a problem for signatures on approvals, forms and other documents.

In order to obtain the necessary signatures, additional cost and time are added as the documents need to be couriered from one signatory to another.

Electronic signature apps help overcome this problem. Fedelis currently recommends Dropbox Sign for electronic signatures.


Dropbox Sign offers unlimited signatures per user, and is easy to setup and use. Do contact us if you are looking for ways to streamline your signing process. You can read more about Dropbox Sign at www.hellosign.com


How enforceable are electronic signatures with respect to the Malaysian legal framework?


Attached below are two advisories from our lawyers for your reference. One is a simplified advisory if you just want the main points. The other is a more detailed analysis with references should you like to dig deeper.


Legal advisory on Hellosign in MY – Simple    Legal advisory on Hellosign in MY – Detailed

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