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Microsoft Office 365 for Education gives your school the familiar Office applications you love. It comes with a powerful built-in education features within the Office 365 apps, such as Teams for Education, OneNote Class Notebook, Assignments and many more. It also provides tools to help your school for everyday work from research project management and team document collaboration to a virtual classroom.

Fedelis in Education

Helping education leaders achieve sustainable transformation

Fedelis helps schools digitally transform based on the Microsoft Education Framework (ETF).

The Education Transformation Framework (ETF) – grounded in research and based on decades of work with policy makers, school leaders and educators around the world – helps schools improve in four main areas. By using the Microsoft ETF, we provide workshop & consultation to school leaders to understand how digital transformation can help your school to improve learning outcomes for all students and prepare them for the future.

We currently offer the following programs for schools :

Teams Coach Program

Microsoft Teams comes free with Microsoft Office 365 for Education. However, schools face some challenges with regards to school-wide adoption, preventing them from maximizing the value of their subscription: 

  • Lack of awareness on Teams and what it can do. 
  • Lack of guidance on how to use it.
  • Lack of training for teachers and school staff
  • Lack of resources to promote Teams across the school

The Teams Coach Program is an intensive program where FEDELIS, as Microsoft Global Training Partner (GTP) will

  1. Help you identify collaboration scenarios in your school where Teams can make an impact
  2. Help you Build a Teams adoption plan
  3. Provide you and your designated Teams coach with 1:1 mentorship from a Teams expert
  4. Provide student adoption content and guidance to help drive usage across the campus
  5. Hold hands-on training for a pilot group of teachers and finish with a capstone project to demonstrate applied learning

Remote Learning Enablement

Remote engagements are fast becoming life essentials and skills for everyone of us.
Microsoft 365 and Teams are about the best that can allow us to do that comprehensively and a lot more.
Many are using other tools without realising that they are just tools allowing a face-to-face conversation or meeting.But Microsoft 365 and Teams combine all these with a very affordable management platform for you to run a comprehensive learning management system for education.

Future-Ready Skills

Today, more than 50% of jobs require technology skills, and this % will continue to increase with remote working getting common nowadays. In fact, most of the students are not gaining the skills employers want at school. FEDELIS, under the Microsoft Global Training Partner Program is focused to train students to be equipped with Microsoft related skill sets so you are future-ready for your career.


FEDELIS offers wide range of student workshop & bootcamp covering Microsoft 365 basic work collaboration tools, building automated workflows with AI to improve productivity and building analytics insights for data driven results.

Guided Digital Transformation Consultation

This is an onboarding program provides training and advisory to schools to kick start on their education transformation journey (eduJourney), based on the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework for K-12. At the completion of this onboarding program, the school is encouraged to apply to be a Microsoft Incubator School which is the first step leading to being awarded a Microsoft Showcase School.


  • Understanding eduJourney.
  • Workshop on Microsoft Education Transformation Framework (MS ETF)
  • Understanding requirements of MS Showcase School Program
  • Workshop on MS 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) Concepts
  • 5 consulting sessions for senior stakeholders on eduJourney using MS ETF and Showcase School rubric and templates for live implementation of a selected Area of Focus/Excellence.
  • 2 Training Classes for Educators and Champion Teachers on Microsoft Office365 for Education. Champion teachers will also be prepped to apply for Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIEE)
  • Half day Student Bootcamp on MS Education platform based on Office 365 A1 & A3 apps and features

Our Achievement

Global Training Partner
Fedelis won the Malaysia Global Training Partner of the Year in year 2020. Thanks Microsoft for the recognition. We started to engage the education sector on Office365 early 2019. Little that we know that Covid-19 made this platform extremely useful for many schools. All in, we trained more than 1,000 teachers on how to use Microsoft Teams for remote learning.
Our young and talented team understand how to socially engage online, and this comes through as they help teachers navigate this new normal.

Success Story from Methodist College KL

“When Fedelis demonstrated what Microsoft Teams could do for our lecturers, I was positively shocked. I used to think Teams was a project management tool. But it has evolved. Lecturers can create channels as pages, they can create content, they can do recordings, and even design online assessments etc. Customization of the LMS can be done immediately via Teams,” says Adrian Yao,Academ ic Director, External Programmes as well as the Head, Teaching and Learning at MCKL.

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