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FEDELIS is a Yammer Certified Engagement Partner. Our Senior Consultant is a Yammer Certified Community Manager, Administrator and Power User. He has appeared on newspaper articles as well as radio interviews talking about Enterprise Social and Cloud Technologies.

Yammer in the news

We can help you take full advantage of Yammer

We help you map your business needs to your Intranet

In the visioning workshop, we help the organization develop clarity of vision on what they want to do, how they expect enterprise social to help. From there we help them access their cultural readiness, who their stakeholders might be, and help them brainstorm possible use cases, and ultimately selecting ones that are simple to implement but have the largest impact.


Yammer is part of Office365. This requires provisioning of Microsoft’s Office365 service, and may also include Active Directory Synchronization and also integration with Sharepoint. Our Consultant is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Office365 and we have deployed numerous Office365 systems.

Consultancy & Training

One of the keys to a successful Enterprise Social Network is proper preparation and training. Here we teach senior managers what are the work benefits their teams can gain, how to identify leaders from their postings, how to show leadership in their answers, and how to correctly deal with improper internet behaviour like trolling, flaming and cyberbullying. We will help community managers to bring value to the organization via Enterprise Social, and different ideas on how to get users on board and be participative on the network.

Launch Consultation

To get everyone excited and participative on new Network, the way the network is launched is important. People need to know how it can help make their life better, each person needs to invest time to understand what Yammer is about. Trainings, events, launch activities, YAMJAMS (townhall meetings on Yammer), contests, quizzes, Lunch & Learn, #Yamwin..etc are all documented activities that successful Yammer organizations have used all over the world.

How can Yammer help you?

Here's an example of Yammer in action

This is a launch video to promote Yammer created by a customer of ours. This is also in remembrance of the main actor of the video En Amir Sabri , may he rest in peace.


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