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The goal of this course is to equip you with the knowledge required to fulfill the role of a Power User, Super-User, or within an IT Support role to support end users. This course will provide you the insight and experience that goes beyond of a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator role. You will develop, customize, and manage SharePoint online sites and workspaces based on the demands of your site members and visitors, as well as the business’s infrastructure.

You will identify the roles and expectations of your team or organization and create site solutions by defining permissions, structure, content, and policy. You’ll learn how to collect information about the site’s usage in order to maintain it and find areas for improvement.


Focus : The primary location for simple workflow/business process automation.

Content :

Day & TimeTopic
Day 1

9:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Topic 1 – How does SharePoint fits into your business?

  • Understanding the technology
  • How to plan
  • What you need to start
  • How to organize
  • How to build your sites
  • Discussion: Best practice


Topic 2 – How to fit SharePoint into your business?

  • Planning security
  • Managing permissions
  • Navigation
  • Designing Pages
  • Using web parts
  • Discussion: How best to roll out sites?

Topic 3 – How to manage documents?

  • How does the document library work?
  • Permission control
  • Versioning control
  • Search considerations
  • Lookup vs site columns vs managed metadata
  • Scanning


Day 2

9:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Topic 4 – How to automate notifications and workflow?

  • Notifications
  • Workflows
  • Intro to Power Platform
  • Limitations
  • How to overcome


Topic 5 – How to improve search and monitor usage?

  • How to Search
  • Using metadata
  • Lookup columns vs. Site columns vs. Term store
  • Advanced Search
  • Unified Audit Log
  • Using Power BI Reporting
  • External gateway


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