Empower Educators towards 21st Century Learning Design

FEDELIS, with our background as the Microsoft Gold Partner for the past, we have doubled down in Microsoft Education as a Global Training Partner GTP to assist schools & educators to overcome challenges in remote learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The objective of our program & workshop is to prepare educators to handle online classroom in a single platform, fully integrated with classroom & collaboration tools to ensure students achieve key learning outcomes while maintaining their productivity on daily lesson planning tasks.

Some of the Remote Learning Enablement sessions we have done

Microsoft Teams for Educators

Since beginning of year 2020, FEDELIS in collaboration with Microsoft Malaysia has carried out multiple online trainings to assist educators to overcome the sudden change of teaching environment from physical classroom to virtual classroom.


Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular tool we focused on these trainings as it has the capability to integrate with all of the other Microsoft Apps as well most of the 3rd party collaboration tools.

Rise with Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning

Schools should leverage on Microsoft Teams in Education as a tool for collaboration to get all your works done online. For educators, remote learning and teaching offer the opportunity to maintain the classroom to achieve key learning outcomes.


Our Remote Learning webinar & training on Microsoft Teams offer educators an opportunity to stay connected with each other in remote learning environment. Educators learn:

  • How to prepare lesson plan using Teams Classroom Notebook
  • Set up & Manage virtual classroom via Microsoft Teams
  • Manage students notebook & assignment online
  • Integrate fun elements into engaging learning process
Students turn in assignment easily via Microsoft Teams

Champion Teachers Enablement

Champion Teachers Enablement program is aimed to train champion teachers in schools so that they are able to apply & integrate the technology into their daily teaching according to school’s environment. We understand that not all the schools will use the same tool with the same way. Therefore, champion teachers play a very important role in adopting the right technology which is most suitable to the school.


The program is then followed by our guidance & advice along the journey where champion teachers are required to carry out their own lesson plan to other teachers of their schools after evaluating which are the most appropriate way of adopting the technology learnt.


Our program ensures that we do not only train teachers’ skill set in using 21st Century Learning Tools, but also hand-holding champion teachers to offer advice & consultation to yield the most appropriate way of adopting technology for your school !

Program Highlights

Microsoft Innovative Teachers: Train The Trainers

In Jan 2021, Fedelis in collaboration with University Malaya (UM) has been appointed as the training partner for Microsoft Innovative Teachers program. Through this program, we have guided a champion teacher from 20 schools in Malaysia to embrace technology in remote teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This 3-months program has trained up 20 master trainers who has successfully brought up another 214 Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE).

This program brought together 20 local primary & secondary schools to kick-start the remote learning journey!

“This program is very useful and it helps teachers to use a fun  & integrated application in Home-based Teaching & Learning ”  – Piremalatha A/P Karunanithe, SJK(T) Sungai Besi

“I like the breakout room! Mr Amir give a very detailed explanation throughout the training”  – Mashitah binti Abdul Moin, SMK Aminuddin Baki

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