Moving forward with the times

Education is the bedrock of the future Malaysia. Malaysia released it’s 10 year education blueprint in 2013, covering it’s plan for up to 2025. In it, it noted that Malaysia ranked rather poorly against other nations in Pisa2009+ in reading literacy, mathematics and science.



The Peak of Covid

During the Covid lockdown in Malaysia schools were given a short period of time to shift their learning online, Many were not ready to work with technology. Microsoft was indunated with calls for help. Fedelis stepped in to enable more than 3,000 educators to move to online teaching using digital tools. During the Covid period school holidays. Fedelis, in conjunction with MOE and Microsoft, organized online activities to keep students entertained and provide knowledge while stuck at home.


Emerging from Covid

As the word moves towards 21st century work, there is the need for a 21st century workforce, thus a need to provide 21st century skills, and this with MOE setting a goal for Pembelajaran Abad ke-21 (PAK21).  Progressive schools are looking into ways to upskill their teachers, provide hybrid learning environments, modify their curriculum to inculcate an appreciation for technology, and also sort to be more competitive against their piers by modernizing their teaching and learning. 

Fedelis plans to be present at the forefront of this movement to help schools transform digitally into 21st century schools. 


Services / Solution About

Education Transformation Framework Consultation 

Microsoft has published a comprehensive Education Transformation Framework to help schools digitally transform. Fedelis is providing consultation to interested schools (for a fee) to adopt this framework. The consultation cumulates to (should the school feel they are ready) a nomination to become a Microsoft Showcase School.  

The framework covers : 

  • Leadership & Policy 
  • Modern Teaching & Learning 
  • Intelligent Environments 
  • Technology Blueprint 
  • The outcomes inclide 
  • Deep Measurable Learnings 
  • Classrooms that inspire learning 
  • Skilled equiped and successful teachers 
  • Personalized and enjoyable learning 
  • Education unlimited by time and space 
  • Systems that empower efficiency, productivity and performance 

In the development of this consultation practice, we worked with a number of schools and we are pleased to help the following schools get recoginized as Microsoft Showcase Schools 


In the process, 78 educators also attained Microsoft Innovative Educatior Certification (MIE) 

Services in Modern Education 

In line with the consultative service, or via piece meal basis we offer/plan to offer the following and more as we expand fully into Modern Education field 

  • Educators training on Microsoft for Education products 
  • Educators preparing for Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Certifications 
  • Student Activities to learn digital transformation 
  • Event manage Education Conferences with MOE or Public (Sponsored by Microsoft) 
  • IT Competition preparation & Coaching 

Technology Used

Microsoft for Education 

This solution offering is based on Microsoft365 for Education. An special version of Microsoft’s Modern Work tool designed specifically for education. Within the system, it contains a feature rich set of tools that allows students to communicate, collaborate and create. From the world relevant tools like Microsoft Office, to learning and collaborative tools like digital notebooks for learnings and homework Teams Meetings for online lessons, tutorials and discussions, and all this protected by Microsoft’s enterprise class cyber security tools

Related Hardware and Accessories
Wrapped around this, we also provide as needed a number of related systems that include video and voice conferencing solutions so the schools can upgrade their classrooms to hold online or hybrid classes. These get added from time to time and include brands like Jabra, Aver, Polycom etc 

Value Proposition 

Microsoft Global Training Partner Program (GTPP)
Fedelis is a member of the Microsoft Global Training Partner Program (GTPP). a global network of Microsoft partners focusing on providing specialized services for the Education Sector, around Microsoft for Education family of technology. In 2020, we won the GTPP Partner of the year award for Malaysia

Microsoft Most Valuable Profession (MVP) Award
Our senior consultant is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).  This award is Microsoft world wide’s second highest award given to a IT professional, in recognition of e recognize exceptional community leadership, technical expertise, positive influence on those around and commitment to solving real world challenges with cutting-edge technology. 

Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition Judge and Mentor
Our senior consultant has been a Microsoft Imagine Cup semi finals judge for a number of seasons. He has judged international submissions in Microsoft’s global competition. He also mentored a team from China in early 2023 who went on the win in the World Championship Round for Earth Category Asia

Track Record
When we were test running this program, we partnered with a number of schools and 3 of them successfully managed to win the Microsoft Showcase School Award in 2023 


We have also partnered Microsoft to run many engagement programs with the education sector that included  

  • Minecraft Challenge in collaboration with MOE & Sunway Malls (Jun-Aug 2023) 
  • Minecraft Peacebuilder challenge in collaboration with MOE (Oct 22)