Objective : Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace as well as a messaging and calling solution for Office 365. It is helps businesses meet the increasing need for collaboration within teams in everyday work.

Focus : By using Microsoft Teams, it is easier to bring together people, conversations and content.

Content :

– Get Started with Microsoft Teams

  • Scenario 1: Web access
  • Scenario 2: Desktop
  • Scenario 3: Mobile

– Create & Customize Teams

  • Scenario 1: Get your team up and running
  • Scenario 2: Organise your channels and tabs
  • Scenario 3: Add team owners
  • Scenario 4: Manage team settings

– Communication

  • Scenario 1: Start a new conversation with Format and @Mention
  • Scenario 2: See where you’ve mentioned, like a Post and save a message
  • Scenario 3: Set up a Teams meeting and invite guest
  • Scenario 4: Start the video conference, share your screen and record your meeting

– Collaboration

  • Scenario 1: Work on a file together & add a file into a tab
  • Scenario 2: Sync your file to your computer (in File Explorer)

– Tips & Tricks

  • Send email to a channel
  • Always be in the know with notifications
  • Make a test call
  • Delete your team (Optional)

– Mobile App (Additional)

  • Scenario 1: Favourite Team and channels at the top of each list
  • Scenario 2: Turn on Notification to stay up to date
  • Scenario 3: Create Teams meetings and participate
  • Scenario 4: Search for Tabs in Channels and Edit files

Training Duration: 4 hours

Available in both In-person & Online mode

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