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Objective : Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace as well as a messaging and calling solution for Office 365. It is helps businesses meet the increasing need for collaboration within teams in everyday work.

Focus : By using Microsoft Teams, it is easier to bring together people, conversations and content.

Content :
9:00a.m to 12:30p.m
I. Exploring the New Teams

• Introduction to new teams
• Features of new teams
• Benefits of using new teams

II. Enhancing Collaboration in Teams

• Importance of collaboration
• Strategies for better collaboration
• Tools for effective collaboration

III. Teams Files Library Unique Permission (SharePoint)
• Understanding SharePoint permissions
• Setting unique permissions in Teams files library
• Best practices for managing permission


1:30 p.m to 5:00p.m
IV. Hidden Apps to Boost Productivity
• Discovering hidden apps in Teams
• How these apps enhance productivity
• Tips for using these apps effectivelyV. Webinar and Townhall
• Conducting webinars in Teams
• Organizing townhall meetings
• Best practices for engaging audiencesVI. Professionalism in Online Meetings
• Importance of professionalism in online meetings
• Tips to make online meetings look professional
• Gallery view in Meetings

Training Duration: 4 hours

Available in both In-person & Online mode

Trainer: Mr Johnny Ang

HRDC Certified Trainer

We also offer open-class every quarter if your team is too small to engage for in-house training.

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