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The focus of this 1 day instructor-led course is on empowering users to consume data and visualize them through Power BI by extracting, shaping, formatting and transforming the raw data from various data sources. This course helps you get started with Power BI for your business.


Who Should Attend?

Business users and data professionals who need to analyze data using Power BI. This course is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn about Power BI from scratch, or who has some experience with Power BI but wants to learn how to leverage the full potential of Power BI.

– Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Windows operating system and familiarity with databases and Excel.


Course Outline

Section 1: Introducing to Power BI

This session introduces self-service BI with Microsoft Power BI.

·         Introduction to Power BI

·         Walkthrough of Power BI Key Features and Functionalities


Section 2: Data Gathering in Power BI

This section describes how to extract, shape and combine data from various data sources.

·         Extract data from Excel Data Source.

·         Extract data from SQL Server Database.

·         Shaping and Combining Data.


Section 3: Data Modeling in Power BI

This section describes how to model data, create relationship and use of some DAX functions.

·         Model Relationships.

·         Introduction to DAX Queries.

·         Calculations and Measures.


Section 4: Data Visualization in Power BI

This module describes how to visualize the modeled, shaped and clean data as dashboard or report.

·         Creating PowerBI Reports.

·         Upload PowerBI Reports on PowerBI Service.

·         Create PowerBI Dashboard.


Trainer: Mr Ho Wui Fieng (Rico Ho)

HRDC Certified Trainer

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