O365 User Training-01

Objective : To teach what are the capabilities within Office 365 that managers can utilize to effectively manage their team and company goals.

Focus : This course focuses on teaching users how to use a particular
application in Office365 and manage a team. This includes features training  on scenarios faced in daily work.

Content :

  • What is Office 365?
  • Office 365 Concepts
  • Office 365 User Home Page & User Profile
  • Using Office 365 to Achieve Business Goals and Improve Productivity
  • Administrative Capabilities of Office 365
  • Using Outlook to Manage Your Team
  • Using Skype for Buseness
  • Using One Drive to Share Information with Your Team
  • Using Planner to Manage Your Team’s Tasks
  • Using Social Communication to Rally Your Team with Yammer
  • Using forms and Case study
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